What skills do you need to be an immigration lawyer?

What does an immigration lawyer do? An immigration lawyer not only helps people to obtain citizenship but does much more. Immigration lawyers assist people on a variety of issues including filing for political asylum or refugee status, defending against deportation, and acquiring work or resident visas. In addition, they can assist companies in International business […]

10 Strange Laws (In Pennsylvania and Beyond)

As the jungle law rules “only, the strongest and fiercest animal survives” so the human nature must be guided by laws that when transgressed leads to a punishable occurrence. The guided and written laws must be followed to book for the avoidance of litigation that may lead to shame with your knowledge and status. The […]

Four Bizarre Laws Around the World

Being able to travel around the world is freedom beyond your wildest dreams but this does not mean you can do anything you want to do. Travelers from here and there sometimes get themselves caught by police for not knowing the laws and cultural norms of the country. Here are some crazy laws to take […]

4 Common Types of US Visa

If you want to visit or work in the US, you must first be issued a visa by an embassy. But before you apply for a US visa, you must know which kind of visa you are applying for. There are a few different variations of a US visa. Here are the most common ones: […]