10 Strange Laws (In Pennsylvania and Beyond)

As the jungle law rules “only, the strongest and fiercest animal survives” so the human nature must be guided by laws that when transgressed leads to a punishable occurrence. The guided and written laws must be followed to book for the avoidance of litigation that may lead to shame with your knowledge and status.

The law enforcers will not excuse you for failure to respect the laws of the state. as the old say “Ignorance has no defense.” Keep the laws of the state and respect the consequences for breaking either of the listed strange laws. There are strange laws that you can ignore as a citizen for to you they sound unattainable, but the organs of the state strictly follow them to book.

The State of Pennsylvania consists of laws that as a new resident you can assume or ignore but we are here for Legal help from The Martin Law Firm in Pennsylvania to let you know what you are supposed to do and what is not acceptable under the State of Pennsylvania jurisdiction, cities and towns around.

10 Strange Laws (In Pennsylvania and Beyond)

1. Motorist
If you are driving at night, you are supposed to stop after every 1 mile to fire up a signal. In the event of the ride, you are supposed to stop for not less than 10 minutes to allow livestock to cross the road.

The sight of an oncoming team of horses should prompt you to pull over and cover your car with a blanket that camouflages the surrounding environment, or you can drive to a bushy surrounding to allow the horses to pass unperturbed.

2. Liquor
The law states that all Liquor store must be owned by the state, as you would like to enjoy your favorite drink either in a party you are not allowed to purchase over 2 cases of beer at once.

3. Fishing
You are not supposed to be in possession of Goldfish, Koi, and Comets as your bait while fishing. There is also the extension of fish handling while angling, you are only allowed to catch fish through the mouth bait no other part of the body. During all your time fishing line is the only applicable method.

4. Big game hunting
It’s illegal to go hunting for a big game animal that is swimming.

5. Games
While participating in a paintball shooting it’s illegal to shoot paintball to someone that is not a participant in the paintball shoot game.

6. Childcare
As the design and allocation of the child bedroom arise, you are supposed to offer a toilet, bathtub, and shower that is less than 60 meters of reach.

7. Matrimonial union

  • During the wedding ceremony, it’s illegal to fire a revolver, cannon or gun.
  • The administering authority at a wedding is not allowed to conduct a wedding if either the groom or bride is tipsy.

8. Celebrating events

No fireworks stores are allowed to sell fireworks to residents of Pennsylvania.

9. Personal safety
As for manner, it’s illegal to sleep on top of a refrigerator outdoors.

10. Social behavior

  • Men should not be aroused in public places.
  • women wearing facial enhancing cosmetics should acquire a permit.

These and more strange laws are applicable in Pennsylvania and beyond cities and towns. The hiring of Legal help from The Martin Law Firm in Pennsylvania will get you informed on the valid laws and lead to litigation when need be. Watch out and be informed not to transgress on the listed laws.

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