4 Common Types of US Visa

If you want to visit or work in the US, you must first be issued a visa by an embassy. But before you apply for a US visa, you must know which kind of visa you are applying for. There are a few different variations of a US visa. Here are the most common ones:

K1 Visa

This visa is more commonly known as the fiancé visa or engagement visa. This visa allows you to come to the US to marry and then remain here after the exchanging of vows. It is a single entry visa that can be obtained after your fiancé finishes an interview at a US consulate on the location he/she resides. After receiving the visa, the petitioned only has 6 months to use it to enter the US. Upon entry, the visa offers a 90-day stay. If you marry within this time period, your fiancé is allowed to stay in the US.

CR Visa

A CR visa or marriage visa is the type of visa you should apply for if you are already married or about to marry a US citizen. This is an immigrant visa which allows your spouse to relocate to the US permanently. If you are married with a US citizen before your child reaches 18 years old, it is possible to immigrate the child as a dependent as long as he/she is still single. The visa is called CR2 visa for the children of foreign spouses.

F1 Visa

If you want to study in the US, you can apply for the F1 visa or the student visa. Most colleges and universities in the US have offices with staff that can help foreign students with their visa issues. It is vital to use this assistance to guarantee that your visa processing will be handled correctly.

B1 Visa

The B1 visa or the tourist visa is the most commonly issued type of US visa. This visa is released to persons visiting the US for only a limited period of time. It is issued to individuals who attend business matters, work-related matters or for leisure.

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