Four Bizarre Laws Around the World

Being able to travel around the world is freedom beyond your wildest dreams but this does not mean you can do anything you want to do. Travelers from here and there sometimes get themselves caught by police for not knowing the laws and cultural norms of the country.

Here are some crazy laws to take note if you are traveling to one of these places:

Venice – Feeding Pigeons

When you are in Piazza San Marco in Venice, giving any kind of food to pigeons has been banned. Throwing birdseeds was one of the place’s trademarks but because of the massive population of the pigeons, the act is now punishable by a fine because the birds damage statues when they poop and to reduce the time cleaning the place. Just look for a nearby terrace and enjoy the wine while watching the birds flying around.

Maldives – Bringing Pornographic Materials and Liquor

Maldives is a country mainly occupied by Islamic believers but they do not ban non-Muslim objects such as the Bible. Only spiritual figures such as small statues are being banned by the customs. The country also bans bringing of pornographic materials and liquor. These include sexual gadgets and alcohol sold at airports. If you’re planning for a vacation here, just leave these items at home.

United Arab Emirates – Kissing in Public

If you are visiting countries in here, be informed that the countries in here have stricter laws than those of other countries you may already have visited. Kissing in public or any form of public display of affection can lead you to a night in jail. Expensive penalties are also implemented so ensure that you and your partner don’t do anything intimate while visiting Abu Dhabi or even Dubai.

Barbados – Using and Wearing Camouflage

In Barbados, only their military are allowed to wear camouflages. The ban was imposed in the 1980s to prevent terrorists and gang members from impersonating soldiers and doing crime.

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