The US Green Card and Its Benefits

A US green card is an evidence that a person is a legal permanent resident of the US but not yet a US citizen. It is a form of immigration ID about the size of a credit card. Getting a green card is an achievement you should be proud of. Having one brings many benefits with it. It is a guarantee that you are one step closer to becoming a full US citizen.

Green card holders enjoy these benefits:

Pay less tuition

Foreigners with green cards will be able to pay less for tuition to go to colleges or vocational schools. If they can show proof of residency in a state, they are given the “in state” status when applying for schools which give them lesser costs of tuition. They also have the right to apply for financial aid which can further lessen school fees.

Permanent Residency Status

Being a green card holder means that you do not keep reapplying to maintain a status as a permanent resident.  Renewal of status for green card holders is once every ten years. You renew your status by filing Form I-551 then submitting it to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Contribute to Election Campaigns

Green card holders can donate to election campaigns while non-citizens cannot. Although green card holders can contribute to campaigns, they are still restricted from voting during the elections. Only full US citizens have the right to vote during elections.

Sponsor Relatives

A green card holder’s immediate relative can be sponsored for their own green card. Immediate relatives include the husband/wife, parents and unmarried children which are below 21 years old.

Social Security Benefits

If a US green card holder can show proof that they have worked in the US for 10 or more years, they are privileged to receive social security benefits.

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